Why only Brasilian or US number for verification?

Ola Gente! I'm living in Switzerland and I think it's unfair to have only Brasilian or US numbers available for confirmation of accounts. Other countries and nations exist too, no?
  • No problem ;)

    In fact, the CPF and the cards issued in Brazil are mandatory, but we also have an option for those cases where we can send you a payment link through PayPal!

    To request a purchase, you must send a request by e-mail to the address contato@ingresse.com.

    If in doubt, we are still available.

  • hi Jackson, Sounds great, but how about allowing foreigners to register and validate the account with a foreign cell phone number? It shouldn’t be too hard to do it, right? Besides, the contacto@ingresse.com is not working! I exchanged roughly 12 emails with them, in particular with Bruno Faria and Tamires Santos, and it hasn’t work! They never sent me the payment link and their English is unfortunately insufficient to deal with the issue in a proper way. What can I do? I really need to buy some tickets for the Carneval urgently. Thanks a million! niko
  • Hello, I apologize for the inconvenience, we are already working to resolve your case.
  • Thanks Tamires, but apologizing is not helping me right now. I still haven’t received the tickets after exchanging roughly 20 emails with you guys.
  • We are dealing with email, even today you will have an answer.
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