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The user has up to 7 consecutive days (from the date of purchase) to request the cancellation/refund of their purchase - as provided in Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code. As long as it is not requested within 48 hours before the event or after its completion.

If you are within this period, you can request the cancellation and refund of the order, just click on the REFUND REQUEST button within your app or on the website:

Open your app or log in to the website.

Click on your profile and then on "My purchases".

Choose the event you want to refund.

After clicking the button, you will need to confirm if you really want to refund the amount and invalidate the ticket: Just confirm and wait for the amount to return according to the payment method of your purchase.

The refund may occur in one to two statements, depending on the closing date. To locate the value, simply look for a transaction with the description ONLINE INGRESSE.

In case of PICPAY payment by balance, the amount returns to the app within 05 days.

Attention: We do not carry out partial cancellation of a purchase. That is, the cancellation occurs through the total transaction, regardless of the number of tickets included in it and not per ticket. This procedure is irreversible, so think carefully before confirming the process!

For the security of our users, any type of request must be made through the registered email (purchase email).

Now, if you prefer to request the cancellation with our team, just contact our customer service center.

If you still need help, choose the way you prefer to talk to our team

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