I received a courtesy and can't see it

Was the email provided to receive your complimentary ticket the same as the one you already have registered?

If not, you should contact the person who gifted you and ask them to send the complimentary ticket to the correct email.

If yes, just log in and your complimentary ticket will be in your account under "Wallet" or "My Tickets."

Do you already have an Ingresse account?

Access the Ingresse website.

Click on "Sign in" and enter your login and password, remember, if your account is linked to Facebook, click "Sign in with Facebook."

Click on "Wallet."

Accept the complimentary ticket and enjoy the event!

If you don't have an account yet:

Check your email for the message with the subject "You received a ticket" informing you that you received the complimentary ticket, click "Create an account for this email."

Click on "Finish registration."

Now, just complete the registration on the Ingresse website.

Click on "Wallet."

Now just accept the complimentary ticket.


Your password must be strong. As you type, you'll see a line that changes color depending on the security of your password; this line should be green.

For a password to be strong, it must have:

At least 8 digits

Upper and lower case letters

At least one number

At least one special character

If you receive a message that your phone number, CPF, or email is already in use, it means you already have an account. If you don't remember which email is registered, talk to us.

If you still need help, choose how you prefer to talk to our team.

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